Our consultancy service can offer you in house training on

  • Customs compliance

  • Logistics and international trade issues

  • Full customs compliance audits

  • Support in applying for Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status

  • Support with all Customs Authorisations such as Inward processing, outward processing, approved exporter status

  • Checking whether your goods would qualify under future free trade agreements based on current information

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There are a number of actions businesses can take some of which will benefit them in any case, these include:

  • Checking existing policies, procedures and systems with regards to customs and logistics.

  • Revisiting the Incotmers that are in place with customers and suppliers especially with those in the EU

  • Using the existing tariff check to see if your customers in the EU will need to pay import vat and duty on your products especially if there is a no deal

  • Check your supply chains and manufacturing processes to see whether your goods would still qualify for preference origin under a Free trade Agreement with the EU.

  • Investigate other customs authorisations to see if these could benefit you in the future such as Inward Processing and Outward Processing.

  • Look at whether obtaining Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status would be of benefit – this benefits businesses in many ways regardless of Brexit.

For all Emita members we can offer a free 1 hour consultation on all Brexit, Customs and Logistics issues in order to support you with the above.