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EMITA held its market focus USA meeting at the luxurious Pentahotel in Derby this month. The venue was very well received and the speakers consisted of Anantha Krishna from HSBC and the British American Business Council Midlands, Sara Hutchinson from Risa UK Ltd and EMITA’s newest member Elaine Stewart of Longthorne Gunmakers.

A number of key points about trade with the USA were identified on the day and some of them are highlighted here.

“Don’t consider the US as one country. Consider it to be 50 states and remember that 75% of world trade is facilitated by the US Dollar,” urged Ananth.

“There are different cultural differences not to mention language differences to consider and never underestimate the power of a good contact,” said Elaine.

“The USA is the world’s largest economy, around US 18.5 trillion, and insurinh your goods is absolutely vital,” confirmed Sara.

Longthorne Gunmakers are a 100% English owned family company. They manufacture every part of their guns in-house and tailor them to their client’s specific requirements. State-of-the-art barrel technology is the mark of Longthorne and barrels are manufactured without the distortion and metal softening problems of many conventionally made barrels. This same cutting edge technology also ensures that their guns have a consistent point of aim and improved pattern over a greater distance. Their quality products are very much in demand both in the UK and overseas with the USA market of particular interest to them. EMITA are planning a factory tour to Longthorne Gunmakers in 2018. See EMITA’s website for further details in due course and remember to book your place… fast!

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