Mike HunterCEO, Better Languages

Mike is CEO of betterlanguages.com Ltd, an award winning, Nottingham based, translation services company.

His company specialises in helping organisations to communicate their brand internationally by translating and localising websites, marketing materials and technical texts into over 60 languages. Mike has previously run a business in Spain for four years and has experience of working with multinationals such as Mothercare, ELC and Debenhams, who are regular current clients. He also works with SMEs in the UK, US and many other parts of the world.

A key milestone for Better Languages was winning a major contract for a US client in 2014. “It’s easy to underestimate the issues in doing business with the US,” says Mike “especially not being sufficiently aware of the difference in business culture. We needed to put in a lot of additional effort not just to win the business, but then to ensure successful project delivery.” The US is the most competitive market in the world for translation services, but winning even a very small market share has been a key driver for success for Better Languages. There can be unexpected issues in dealing with a new territory like the US such as the IRS and withholding tax, which can kill your bottom line if you don’t fill in the correct forms. Professional Indemnity Insurance was a major issue as most standard policies exempt US jurisdiction. “We had to change insurers,” recalls Mike who found he needed a specialist product including US and Canadian jurisdiction and cover for the US courts.

Mike is passionate about helping businesses to trade effectively in international markets and to raising awareness of the importance of effective communication to successful international trade. His company is committed to excellence within the translation industry and has close working relationships with both Nottingham Trent University and Nottingham University.