Bruno FerreiraExport Sales Manager, TecQuipment Limited

Bruno has a university degree in International Trade and a day job as Export Sales Manager for Nottinghamshire based company TecQuipment Ltd

He is also experiences in biotechnology, education and the engineering sectors. Additionally he has a proven track record in international sales and marketing including generating growth from key customer accounts, building significant partnerships to drive sales and creating new business revenues through strategic prospecting.

He has a helped many East Midlands companies to export and has visited over 40 countries including Canada, US and Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatamala, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Curacao, Columbia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Chili, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Morocco, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Angola, Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Hong Kong, and all European markets.

Bruno is, in every sense of the word, an export professional who strongly believes in the potential of East Midlands companies to export.