With our extensive export connections, we are able to offer leads and sales opportunities to our members.

Below are the current opportunities that are available.


Russian Samosvety Ltd


Thanks to the high craftsmanship of the jewellers of the company Russian Samotsvety, honed for many years, they are able to produce beautiful jewellery with diamonds made of precious metals.. All materials used to create jewellery are subject to strict input control at the factory, so that the final version of the product is not only attractive in terms of external characteristics, but also perfect in quality.

8, Carl Faberge sq., 195112, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation

Contact: Yurukina Tatiana
Deputy Head of Import & Export Department
PHONE +7 (812) 528-01-40
E-MAIL tyurukina@russam.ru


Food Processing Technology, Acoustic Extra Freezing

Acoustic Freezing Ltd.


Acoustic Extra Freezing (AEF) freezing system is the newest technology in the market, providing fresh-like quality of frozen food. Fish, Meat, Caviar, Vegetables, Berries, Porcini, Seafood, Cakes  and ready-to-cook food. Shock freezing is an ‘ancient’ technology, that will be replaced by AEF.

Russia, Moscow, Novoschukinskaya st 7, bld 1

Contact: Yuri Agafonov
E- mail: salekr@aefrus.com, aeftrade@mail.ru 



JSC Krymsk Canning Plant 

Construction of food processing plant in Krasnodar Region
Construction of highly demanded food processing plant able to store and process locally growing fruits and vegetables. Project Value:- 12.3 M USD
Equipment- 5.4 M USD
Construction- 6.9 M USD
Interest payments- 4.1 M USD
Payback period- 53,3 Months
Contact: Igor Zharinov
Novorossiisk CCI, Director



Liquid egg products and egg powders supply

Joint Stock Company “Ruzovo”


JSC “Ruzovo” is one of the most up-to-date and high-tech enterprises in Russia. The plant is fully equipped with the most up-to-date egg processing equipment. Production output expressed in terms of raw material is 2.0 mln eggs per day. The plant produces a wide range of products: both liquid egg products and egg powders that are used in the food industry. The main supplier of raw materials is the poultry factory OOO “Avangard”. Its own animal feed mill allows to make optimal rations for having the best chicken egg. In 2014, the company launched production of stabilization mixtures based on egg yolk for fat and oil industry.

Address: 1 A, Nadezhdy St., Ruzaevka, Mordovia Republic, Russia, 431444
Anatoly Prokudov – prokudov@tpprm.ru
Sales department: tel./fax +7 (83451) 6-99-69
Reception: tel. +7 (83451) 6-99-68
E-mail: ruzovo@ruzovo.ru

Director General: Alexey Lapshin
Sales Director: Dmitriy Ilyin


Biological fertilisers

Living Soil Ltd.

Producer of biological fertilisers made of conifer bark with milk-based biological additive

Its product is for:

  • Farm enterprises
  • Fruit and vegetable gardens
  • Greenhouse enterprises
  • Vine-lands
  • Plants producing organic and mineral fertilizers

Contact: Maria Mironova
Head of the external relations center
Union “Chamber of commerce and industry of the Arkhangelsk region”
+7 (8182) 200-398


High Quality Timber Products Supply

Tekton Ltd, Arkhangelsk

Various timber products. A presentation and commercial offer will be sent on request.

Contact: Maria Mironova
Head of the external relations center
Union “Chamber of commerce and industry of the Arkhangelsk region”
+7 (8182) 200-398


Coal-anthracite Supply

Smart TEK Ltd

Up to 30000 tn/monthly of various coal-anthracite supply.

Contact: Vasily A. Goltsov
Lipetsk CCI, Director
tel. +7 4742 22 10 48
mob.+7 920 500 13 99


Coal-anthracite Supply

LLC “Repair and Mechanical Plant”

Up to 25000 tn/monthly of various coal-anthracite supply.
347930, Russia, Rostov Region, Taganrog, Severnaya Square 3
Contact: Yuri Antonov
mob: +7 (919) 87 87 986
e-mail: tagrmz@mail.ru


Fish Farm Equipment Manufacture

Immid-AquaCulture Ltd

Various types of fish farm equipment producer
Contact: Galina Telegina
Vologda CCI, Director

+7 (800) 200-63-21


Deformational Cutting Technology

Taiga Evergreen Ltd.

New DC technology applied for stainless shell-and-tube steel condensers of water cooling: a combination of efficiency and reliability. The technology of deformational cutting (DC) – a specific form of mechanical processing of surface. One of the largest application areas for this technology is the modification of tubing in heat-exchange equipment, with evidence of increased efficiency as a result. This involves finning of tubing of condensers and evaporators in industrial refrigerators and other freon and oil -based air conditioning equipment. Also, this technology can be used to increase heat transfer by means of internal grooves in the tubes of the convective heat exchange units. In comparison with traditional methods of tube finning this technology can help customers save energy and therefore makes possible reducing weight and overall dimensions of apparatus they produce. 

Contact: Evgeny Nikitin
Director of Taiga Evergreen Ltd.
9 Elmcroft Crescent, London
NW11 9TB
Mob. 07894200706


Pyrotechnic Cutter – an innovative solution for totally autonomous cutting of metal structures in extreme conditions


develops and manufactures unique pyrotechnic rescue tools since 1994. 


Contact: Andrey Klishin
Chief Executive Officer
+7 985 968 93 80


Fire Suspension Systems Manufacture

Innovative Fire Safety Systems Ltd


The module is designed for pressurised storage and fire suppression with gas fire-extinguishing agents (GFEAs) for fires of classes A, B, and C and for electric equipment. The gaseous fire suppression module (GFSM) can be used either individually or as a part of modular and central fire-extinguishing systems. 

Contact: Anastasia Ahmetova
8(800)555-08-73(доб.126); 8(495)374-84-91(доб.126);
The group of companies “Innovative fire-safety systems”
E-mail: ahmetova@zarya.one



SPA Spectron


“Spectron” Production Association was established in 2000. The Company produces over 300 items of industrial and ex-proof products: fire detectors, manual call points, remote start devices, spot heat detectors, heat insulated enclosures, insulated cabinets, ex-proof video cameras, thermal cameras and infra-red projectors, light and light-and-sound panels, alarm horns, commutation boxes and cabinets.

Contact: Ilya Kalugin
Deputy Director
“SPA Spectron”
e-mail: kalugin@spectron-ops.ru
Web: http://spectron-ops.ru, http://relion-ex.ru