Emita had hoped that by now we would be in a much better position to advise our members on how to prepare for Brexit.

Obviously as with everyone else we are still in the dark on this even though we have recently done some presentation and webinars looking at all eventualities.

Depending on the type of Brexit deal we get the UK could lose access to the Single Market and Customs Union. Having access to these ensures frictionless trade, in not just avoiding tariffs but the invisible barriers as well such as avoiding origin checks, customs declarations and additional paperwork. If the UK fails to agree any deal with the EU then it will resort to trading under WTO rules with EU members states in the same way it does with other Non EU countries.

Under these rules, businesses that import and export with EU member states may have to put in place similar procedures to those already in place for Non EU imports and exports. Your customers and suppliers in the EU will also need to implement similar procedures on all goods consigned from and to the UK.

Therefore we recommend that all businesses who trade with the EU start to review the impact of a no deal Brexit on their business.

You should carry out a check which looks at :

  • How much you ship to import form the EU27
  • Identify whether these exports/imports are permanents / returns/ repairs etc
  • The commodity codes of the imports and exports and whether you or your customer will need to pay duty
  • The impact of losing EU free trade agreement on goods exported/imported.
  • Origin of goods
  • The additional burden on staff in producing paperwork for shipping such as commercial paperwork and making customs declaration to freight agents

If you feel you need further support with any of the above please do not hesitate to contact EMITA, we are offering a service to all members to provide a one day diagnostic and a reduced fee for members.

Brexit Briefing